Reiki is an ancient healing technique and means ‘universal life force energy’. This energy helps promote healing in all living things and situations, at any level of being: on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual levels. It accelerates the body’s ability to heal itself and can make you feel more balanced, positive and in tune with your life.

Reiki activates and balances the chakras (subtle energy centres of the body) supporting a connection with the energy that flows within you and within everything in the universe, through its intensification via the positioning of the hands. Reiki helps to boost the immune system, releases toxins from the body, balances the hormones, soothes pain, encourages good circulation and digestion, boosts energy levels, supports the body’s natural healing processes, and so helps to speed up recovery from accidents and operation.

Even when there are no health problems, receiving Reiki is a wonderful way to relax and rejuvenate.

Any disease (physical, emotional and mental) can be treated with Reiki. Reiki energy heals at all levels in our body and goes to the source of any problem.

Sitting or lying down, you will experience a very light touch, in a series of positions, on or over your body. Reiki is deeply relaxing, eases stress and has a calming effect. The body automatically draws in only as much Reiki as is needed, using it in whatever way is most appropriate at the time. Reiki may be felt as a flow of energy, mild tingling, warmth, coolness, other sensations or nothing at all. The beneficial effects may be felt for several days and may take a series of sessions for your system to attune to such a subtle and deep energy.

“My Reiki experience with Geeta was truly profound. I feel now, some time on, restored and energized. Geeta expresses compassion and understanding from the outset, allowing for an open and supportive experience. Personally, my reaction to the healing capability of Reiki was strong, and I believe that I will most certainly return to such healing, if and when needed, in my future.” – Kelly Harrison, South Africa

“I met Geeta in Hong Kong and have had regular Reiki sessions with her over the last 6 months. It is a deep and insightful experience, and I felt its emotional healing from the first session. Geeta is very kind and compassionate, which helped putting me at ease for this new journey of spiritual development.” – Sophie Hong Kong

60 minutes (HK$1100); package of 4 sessions (HK$3,900)
90 minutes (HK$1,400); package of 4 sessions (HK$5,100)

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