Guided Meditations lead one on a particular journey with the purpose of achieving healing and realizations through purposeful contemplation and reflection. The idea is to let go of any thought one may have and allow the subconscious mind to follow the words that are spoken.

A guided Meditation will help one to achieve deep relaxation and release negative emotions or beliefs that are preventing the person from being further enlightened. When entering into deep relaxation one can touch on experiences and feelings that are usually hidden in the subconscious mind. By allowing the conscious mind to sleep, memories, thoughts and feelings come forward to be acknowledged and released. This enables one to replace negative programming with confidence and high self esteem.

“I have recently started going to Phil’s Wednesday evening meditations. Each week is different, never a dull moment, and I can always guarantee that I’ll have a profound experience. What I love about Phil is his care and concern for everyone - at the end of the evening, he always makes sure everyone is fully grounded and present before leaving.” - Bronwyn, Australia

Every Wednesday 7:15pm - 8:45pm. Please book, as places are limited.

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