Healing with Hot Stones

Healing with Hot Stones is a blissful treatment created to make you feel relaxed and balanced. Its unique combination has a profoundly nurturing effect not only on the tissue and muscle of the body, but also on the ‘life force’ of each person.



- Give you space and time to heal and repair
- Release anxiety, stress and pain
- Promote a sense of stillness and inner peace through deep relaxation
- Help to slow down the chattering mind so that you can connect to your own inner wisdom

Healing with Hot Stones is a combination of different modalities synopsized together to create an innovative and deeply healing treatment. Hot stones, essential oils, zone therapy and energy healing.

The basalt stones have been used on or near the body in healing ceremonies and rituals for many thousands of years. In this treatment they are placed along either side of the spine and used directly on the feet and hands.

Essential oils are the oldest and some of the most powerful therapeutic agents known to man. Historically, they span centuries of use in healing, therapy, and religious ritual throughout the ancient world. A synergy of essential oils is mixed for you each treatment, and you can take some home for continued healing.

Zone therapy is considered the basis of modern reflexology and it is the practice of applying pressure to specific areas of the feet or hands, stimulating the circulation and nerve impulses to promote health throughout ‘zones’ of the body.

Energy Healing manipulates the energy circuits in our physical or subtle bodies to regain balance and facilitate our body’s innate healing mechanisms. It is the science of promoting physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual balance.

It is Marsha’s belief that any curative process should consider a holistic healing approach that is aimed at treating the whole person, the mind, body and spirit. As the healing process differs for everyone, she allows for a personal flexible approach, so that the healing proceeds at the individual’s own pace.

Anxiety and stress disorders
Sleep problems and insomnia
Problems with digestion and elimination
Skin disorders (acne, eczema, psoriasis)
Degenerative disorders (i.e. symptoms of MS and Lupus)
Joint pain and joint mobility
Hormonal imbalances
Circulatory problems
Toxin build-up in the body
Low immunity
Focus and concentration
Emotional turmoil and depression
Releases the memory of past hurts
Calms anger, frustration and impatience
Induces courage and strength helping us to cope with difficult situations and problems
Increases positive emotions, such as happiness, joy and enthusiasm
Enhances and stimulates creativity

With continued commitment to nurturing yourself, you can achieve both your emotional and physical goals.

“I have had the pleasure to experience Marsha’s Hot Stone Healing numerous times. I just keep going back for more. It is a magical journey that reaches you on so so many levels. This is one of my most valuable healing treatments. Just try it. It will exceed your expectations and beyond.” - Nicola Clark

60 minutes (HK$1,200); package of 3 sessions (HK$3,300)
90 minutes (HK$1,500); package of 3 sessions (HK$4,200)

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