Heart Centre Induction and Healing

Our heart rests in the middle of our body and unites top and bottom, left and right. This is the heart chakra and centre of all centres. The heart centre carries not only nurturing, loving and caring energy but also the love of humanity and life as a whole.

Connecting to the Heart Centre by placing our hands on it, we feel the gentle heat like a radiant ball of light. The healing energy is activated by the Heart Centre, and it connects to the infinite source of divine energy for healing on multiple levels: physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and much more. We allow this life-enhancing and life-giving energy to come in and work with us. We open ourselves to the four attributes of the Heart Centre: Compassion, Innate Harmony, Healing Presence, Unconditional Love. We start our journey with the divine through the connection with the Heart Centre, and as our being deepens and enlarges, we develop our inner resources to engage life in peace and appreciation.

We gather and quiet ourselves. A simple ritual will be performed to connect with the four attributes of the Heart Centre. Then you may lay down and let go of your thoughts. Katherine will put her hands on your Heart Centre, and the four attributes of the Heart Centre will be inducted: Compassion, Innate Harmony, Healing Presence and Unconditional Love. We silently repeat the four attributes and focus on the Heart Centre, let the four attributes move us into the divine. You will feel the attributes embracing you and the divine surrounding you.

Katherine will then start to transfer the Heart Centre healing energy from the infinite source of divine energy to different parts of your body. Painful or imbalanced areas will be taken care of. You may feel gentle heat or cold. You will feel that radiance ball of light with a deep healing presence being transferred to the needed areas and deeper layers. You will experience healing from the divine source while receiving insights and answers for your situations in life. It will come to you in a loving and natural way during the session and/or afterwards. You will continue to connect to the Heart Centre on regular basis as you slowly break the spell of your superficial mind and start to have an expanded consciousness with appreciation and clarity.

The session will end with a short discussion and a simple ritual to release the four attributes. You then go back to your daily life with insight and understanding about the deeper mystery of life. Katherine offers her genuine love on your journey.

“There is no greater gift one can offer than the energy of Unconditional Love.” - W. Brugh Joy M.D.

“I loved my session with Katherine! She has such a great energy and she taught me how to connect with my heart centre in the session and how to practise at home. I left feeling relaxed but energised! She was spot on when she told me what she found while she was working on me. Thank you again, Katherine!“ - Jocelyn, Hong Kong

“I’ve had some life challenges recently and Katherine’s session gave me the nourishment I needed most in a gentle way. I also felt deeply connected to the Heart Centre during my session. Love to see Katherine again in the near future.” - Anita, Hong Kong

Standard session 70 mins (HK$1,200); package of 4 sessions (HK$4,400)
Standard session 90 mins (HK$1,500); package of 4 sessions (HK$5,500)
One-time offer: Book a Heart Centre Induction and Healing session (60 mins) with a Dreamwork session (60 mins) or a Tuning Fork Therapy® session (60 mins) (HK$2,000) (must be redeemed within 1 week and is non transferrable)

Heart Centre healing and the four attributes were developed by W. Brugh Joy M.D.  (1939-2009, healer, teacher and book writer). For his life and his work, please read his books Joy’s Way, A Map for the Transformational Journey: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies and Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light. Please also refer to Katherine’s profile about her journey with him and other teachers.

我們的心團結並統一了高低和左右, 這是心輪也是所有中心的中心。心中心提供的, 不僅是個人的培育,愛和關懷; 心中心給予我們的, 更是對人類與生命更高更大的愛。

把手輕放在心輪的位置,徐徐與我們的心中心連結, 我們感到手和心慢慢地變成溫熱, 如同一個輕盈發亮的小光球。治癒的能量由心中心啟動並連接到無盡神聖的能量本源, 它能夠治癒不同的層面 - 身體,心理,情感,精神, 心靈最深的層面。允許這賦予和增進生命的能量進入並接受它的運作。敞開自己並融入心中心的四個屬性-慈悲,天性的和諧,治癒的力量和無條件的愛。這四個屬性推動我們進入神聖的照耀和擁抱。我們的存在將被深化, 被擴大。懷著感恩的心, 我們逐漸培養出內在資源面對生命。

我們安靜下來。Katherine運用簡單的儀式引領您打開並連結心中心的四個屬性。然後您可以躺下, 慢慢放下頭腦。Katherine會把她的手放在您的心中心,這四個屬性-慈悲,天性的和諧,治癒的力量和無條件的愛, 將會在您內在展現。我們默默地重複四個屬性,並專注於心中心, 讓它引領我們。您被神聖圍繞。Katherine開始通過她的手慢慢地讓神聖能量來到您的不同部位。您也許會感到微熱或冷。心中心輕盈發亮的小光球為疼痛, 欠缺平衡及有需要部分注入强大的治癒能量。您肯定心中心的四個屬性, 並得到來自神聖能量本源的治癒。您將會對生命有更深層的了解和啟發。更多的提示會在自然和愛中為您展現。我們慢慢地打破表層意識,並能夠以感恩的心及更高覺醒面對生命。我們之後會有簡短的討論和簡單儀式釋放四個屬性。Katherine以真誠的愛陪伴您。

心中心治愈和四個屬性是由W. Brugh Joy M.D. (1939至2009年, 治療師, 老師和作家)所開發。對於他的生平和工作,請閱讀他的書籍 - Joy’s Way, A Map for the Transformational Journey: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies and Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light. 關於Katherine與Brugh及其他老師的學習及旅程, 請參閱她的個人資料。

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