Craniosacral Biodynamics

Craniosacral Biodynamics is a comprehensive, yet exceptionally gentle and extremely powerful therapy, taking a holistic approach to healing and to the interconnections of mind, body and soul, which are deeply acknowledged.

It works on a very profound level, influencing the central nervous system and unlocking deeply rooted patterns and tensions, taking in and acknowledging the deepest foundations of the human system.

In life, our body accumulates residues of stress, strains, twists and traumas on a minor or on a severe level, physically and emotionally. As a result, our body responds by locking these negative experiences within the body’s tissues, which build up and are stored, giving rise to problems over the years because of restrictions to the body’s own natural functioning system. The biodynamic approach works with the forces in the fluids of the body (called the Primary Respiration), which are generated by the Breath of Life, the organising principle that is present in us from conception throughout life.

The therapist is trained to sense different levels of stillness and thus palpate the expression of the system as the treatment unfolds according to its own Ordering Principle, entering a state of presence and relationship with the forces of life at work.

Craniosacral Biodynamics is beneficial for people of all ages and can be effective in critical and chronic cases, whilst also being supportive in almost any condition, because essentially it can be used as a preventive or complementary solution for restoring balance and homeostasis.

The key benefits of treatment over time is enhancing the long-term increase in your overall health system, from the core of one’s self, by tapping into your own body’s natural intelligence, which has everything available for optimum strength and well-being.


Lying on a couch with comfortable light clothing, you will experience a very light touch at the cranium (base of the skull), at the sacrum (base of the spine) or the place in your body that needs to be addressed. Within a safe environment and a very soft and still touch, your body starts to release and restore. You may experience warm, cold, tingling, pulsating or buzzing sensations and maybe fall into a peaceful sleep.


“I met Geeta in India and had the opportunity to have a number of sessions of Craniosacral with her. It was an extraordinary experience, that has remained in my heart. I suffered a pain in the left leg that prevented me from walking well. Thanks to Geeta, to her therapy and her loving presence, the block that was causing the pain emerged, allowing me to “see” it and to let go of it. The pain in the leg has disappeared, and I have gone through a marvellous journey of personal introspection. Love & Gratitude.” - Siddhi Dubois, Venice, Italy

“I fell down on the street and had aches and pains. At my age this is risky and can happen again so I came to Geeta for treatment. Geeta’s sessions have helped me a great deal. I’m sleeping better and my appetite has returned. The lower back pain I had for years has gone. I feel stronger and more confident to be out doing my shopping and morning walks after each session.” - Elizabeth Roth (93 years old), London, UK

60 minutes (HK$1,200); package of 5 sessions (HK$5,500)
90 minutes (HK$1,500); package of 5 sessions (HK$7,000)

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