Chew Yin Chan

Raindrop Technique Practitioner

Chew is an intuitive, empathic and nurturing healer. Running a holistic wellness centre has introduced her to many modalities and inspired her to develop self-awareness and self-connection within herself and others. We are all work in progress.

Working with crystals and essential oils has become Chew’s passion for healing and…

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Geeta Sanchotene

Craniosacral Biodynamics Therapist
Reiki Master

At the age of 13, Geeta went to India with her family to be with the enlightened mystic master, Osho. Growing up and living in a conscious environment, surrounded by inner growth through meditation and various kinds of therapies and spiritual practices, gave Geeta the foundation for her life…

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Jenny Ostling

Arvigo Therapy Practitioner (ATMAT Cert)
Holistic Aromatherapist (ITHMA Dip)
Pregnancy Massage Practitioner (CTHA Cert)

Jenny believes passionately in natural healing and helping our bodies to achieve their optimal balanced state through holistic healing methods. This allows the body to do what it does best, which is to heal itself.

“For every ailment…

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Marsha Roddy

Spiritual Healer

Marsha Roddy MA, BA hons, AOR, ITEC, CPS, is an artist as well as an experienced spiritual healer and reflexologist.

Marsha trained at the College of Physic Studies and Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine in London. She worked for the Immune Development Trust, treating clients with AIDS, Multiple…

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Phil Davies

Founder and Director
Vibrational Attunement Practitioner
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Practitioner

Phil’s journey into energy healing and connection with the subtle realms began during his teen years and have remained his passion ever since.

He has been active in promoting self-connection and self-healing for more than 20 years, providing workshops in self-awareness, self-connection…

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Sujal Mahbubani

Millennium Method™ Practitioner

Sujal was born and raised in India, where holistic and Ayurvedic treatments were a way of life.

She used Chinese acupuncture/ TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) when she came to Hong Kong in 1988. Always a believer in alternative energy medicine, she refused surgery on her hips for an injury that was caused…

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Sumiyo Shinatani しなたに すみよ







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NLP Coach/Therapist

Yu YU is a talented and experienced healer and NLP coach/therapist. She is a Master Practitioner in NLP, Usui Reiki, Magnified Healing, and has qualifications in various healing modalities such as Shamanic Healing, Color Therapy, Crystal Healing, Huna Healing, etc.

Yu YU holds an MBA degree from the prestigious Ecole…

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