SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy)

SRT - Spiritual Response Therapy, is one of the energy clearing methods for any negative impact on our lives. The Founder of SRT - Robert Detzler channelled the Akashic or Soul Record from the universe and developed the chart of SRT. The healer helps the client to find the root cause of the challenges, which affect the client most at this moment, clearing all the negative energies and programmes by connecting the higher self of the client and the healer with the use of a pendulum. The client’s inner self will be awakened to make the best choice for the highest benefit of the universe. The client can retrieve their own power and ability to create the life which they dream of. SRT can be applied to various aspects of our lives, such as emotional health, physical health, career, finance, and relationships to loved ones or family.

SRT 全名是Spiritual Response Therapy.靈性反應療法,主要是—套清理負能量的系统。 始創人來自美國的Robert Detzler 透過上天給予他的訊息, 而整理多個圖和資訊表達Akashic Record/ Soul Record靈魂纪錄和對人生的影響,如宇宙圖書館纪載著我們宿世發生過的片段之能量纪錄,治療師透過連接客人的高我(High Self), 從而為客人找出當下面臨的挑戰之問题根源所在,繼而把負能量清除掉,同時使客人內在之覺醒層面得以提㫒,找回自己的力量,作出至高至美至善的選擇,創造理想人生。此技術可應用在我們生命中各範疇,包括情绪舒缓、工作、金錢、感情、家庭和健康等等。

“One day, I felt so depressed. A target that I really wanted to achieve was still stuck with no improvement in progress. Hence, I found Mabel for help. I underwent 3 hours of SRT treatment, then I felt really relaxed and comforted. Then, I visited some customers and the relationship with the customers was enhanced a lot with very good results afterwards. - Man, Hong Kong

“I was jobless for a year long. I had some part time jobs, but the salary and the working hours weren’t reasonable with over 12 hours per day when comparing them with similar jobs in the market. After undergoing Mabel’s SRT treatment, a company directly contacted me and hired me for a full-time job, and the salary was much better with only 8 hours per day. I really want to say thank you to Mabel for the ongoing support. She is like my Angel from God. - Daisy, Hong Kong


SRT 服務收費
60 minutes (HK$1,000)
Package of 3 sessions (HK$2,700); package of 6 sessions (HK$5,000)

SRT + MTVSS 服務收費
120 minutes (HK$2,000)
Package of 3 sessions (HK$5,400)

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