Mabel Cheung

Spiritual Response Therapy Practitioner

Mabel has been interested in philosophy since she was a little girl. In order to seek the truth, she tried to search for many kinds of spiritual information from different channels and sources. She became a Buddhist in her teenage years, and the practice carried on until now. For the last 12 years she has been studying a number of famous spiritual holistic therapies from Hong Kong, China, and overseas, including Chinese Horoscopes, Numerology, Chinese Qi Kung and Reiki. In 2011, she finished her SRT (Spiritual Response Therapy) training course and the body healing methods such as MTVSS (Molecular Terminal Valence Sloughing System), Access Bars, etc.

After finishing her SRT course, she started helping people around her to clear issues and blockages, and she received great feedback and was delighted that everybody was amazed by the positive results.

Mabel helps every client to become calmer and more peaceful. Her clients often create miracles in their lives after the clearing sessions, especially in career, money and relationship.

Mabel feels blessed having experienced lots of traumatic events in life when she was very young, so that she has always asked herself certain questions, such as “Who am I? Why I am here?” She is eager to shine and send her love and light to the people around her, and she hopes everybody can find the inner joy and peace that rests deep within.

Mabel對玄学和哲学產生濃厚興趣, 自小總覚得眼看到、 耳聽到的都不是真相的全部、 因此、 為了探索真理、 她從許多渠道學習不同知識。 在上天的安排下, 生命與佛法结下不解之缘、 修煉至今。2003年開始跟隨多位中外名師修習靈性知識包括: 子平命理、 中國氣功及Reiki、 2011年修習SRT靈性反應療法、 其後修習幾種不同的身體療法例如:MTVSS、 Access Bars。
Mabel似乎比其他人經歷塵世間各種更多的苦難、 常問自己究竟我是誰? 我為何會在這裡? 心裡總希望自身的存在能使身邊的人得到幸福, 希望能將和平和喜悦注入每個人的心中。 2011年修畢SRT靈性反應療法後, 不時為身边所接觸到的人進行清理治療, 令她感到欣喜的是每個接受她治療的人皆有滿意的治療效果, 更獲得很好的評語。直到現在, 每一個客人的情绪上都得到舒缓、 更加多位客人在生命中不同的範疇包括工作、 金錢、 關係上創造不少奇蹟。


SRT 服務收費
60 minutes (HK$1,000)
Package of 3 sessions (HK$2,700); package of 6 sessions (HK$5,000)

MTVSS 服務收費
60 minutes (HK$1,000)
Package of 3 sessions (HK$2,700); package of 6 sessions (HK$5,000)
Package of 10 sessions (HK$8,000); package of 20 sessions (HK$15,000)
Package of 30 sessions (HK$21,000)

SRT + MTVSS 服務收費
120 minutes (HK$2,000)
Package of 3 sessions (HK$5,400)


“One day, I felt so depressed. A target that I really wanted to achieve was still stuck with no improvement in progress. Hence, I found Mabel for help. I underwent 3 hours of SRT treatment, then I felt really relaxed and comforted. Then, I visited some customers and the relationship with the customers was enhanced a lot with very good results afterwards. - Man, Hong Kong

“I was jobless for a year long. I had some part time jobs, but the salary and the working hours weren’t reasonable with over 12 hours per day when comparing them with similar jobs in the market. After undergoing Mabel’s SRT treatment, a company directly contacted me and hired me for a full-time job, and the salary was much better with only 8 hours per day. I really want to say thank you to Mabel for the ongoing support. She is like my Angel from God. - Daisy, Hong Kong

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