Katherine Wong

Dreamwork Practitioner
Energy Healer
Certified Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner

As a Hong Kong Chinese, Katherine has the privilege to experience both East and West. She embraces and values her Chinese roots while absorbing the essence of Western teachings. Blending both, she has developed her unique practice of healing and spirituality. 

Having experienced a midlife crisis (change of career, failure in relationships, inner struggles), she finally chose to explore the deepest depths of her inner self, instead of running away from the yearning of her soul, the yearning for integration and wholeness. She searched and found; she now feels the bliss of love for the first time in her life, the genuine love towards herself simply by being who she really is. She has a deep acceptance of her true self, and is in love with the world and life. She has experienced tremendous healing on her journey, and she feels that she has reconnected with her soul on a very deep level. With a grateful heart and appreciation, Katherine is committed to sharing her experience and wisdom honestly and wholeheartedly with people in need.

She started her exploration in spirituality in 2002 and started practising Heart Centre meditation with Deborah Chan in 2003. Deborah led her to Grand Master Brugh Joy, which turned out to be a life changing experience, leading her to explore and understand the mystery of the Heart Centre, dreamwork, energy healing, life patterns, unconscious and inner work and much more. She travels around the world and has extensive experience in active imagination, personal rituals, family constellation, A Course in Light, Reiki, Qi Gong and Taoist healing with various masters. She is also a Certified Tuning Fork Therapy® Practitioner, Certified Voyager Tarot Reader, as well as meditation teacher in “A Course in Light”. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree of Social Work and Social Administrations from The University of Hong Kong and a Master’s Degree of Design from Hong Kong Polytechnic University.


“I had a healing session with Katherine at The Sanctuary which was amazing!!! I felt a lot of heat surging through my body, as I drifted off into a very calm and peaceful space. When the healing had finished I felt very relaxed and uplifted. Katherine has a very powerful, special gift with her healing abilities, as I am a psychic myself I saw her spirit guides working through Katherine with lots of brilliant white light surrounding her. I highly recommend you have a session with this gifted healer, you won’t be disappointed.” - Mandy Venus, London

“Katherine’s healing was lovely. She works with great integrity and skill. I felt very safe with her and the healing worked on many levels especially around the Heart Centre. I would highly recommend Katherine’s work to anyone needing healing.” - Julie Cook, London

作為土生土長香港人, Katherine有機緣接觸東西方學説。她擁抱並珍惜自己的中國根, 同時吸取西方學説的精髓。通過不斷的融合, Katherine發展出對治癒和靈性的獨特見解。
面對中年危機, 她最終選擇進入心靈最深處, 這也是她靈魂的渴望, 是對整合及全然的渴望。

過程裏她探索並找到了, 在人生中第一次感到心的盛放,  是愛上自己的本來面目, 是接納她是誰, 是對世界和生命的愛。她在旅途中得到了極大的治癒。她找回自己的靈魂,從此不再迷失。懷著一顆真誠感恩的心,Katherine全心投入分享她的經驗。

Katherine由2002年開始她對靈性的探索, 自2003年跟隨Deborah Chan學習心中心, 並帶領她參加 the Grand Master – Brugh Joy 的工作坊。這是Katherine其中一個 最重要的生命經驗- 經歷心中心的奥秘, 學習夢境研究, 能量治療,生命模式, 無意識, 内心工程 等等。Katherine也向世界各地的大師學習,她對主動想像,個人儀式,家庭系統排列,光在課程, 靈氣, 氣功和道家養生都有獨到而深刻的體驗。她也是Certified Voyager Tarot Reader, 音叉療癒師以及“光在課程”老師。她畢業於香港大學(社會工作及社會行政榮譽學士),並擁有香港理工大學設計學碩士學位。

Katherine is a Resident Practitioner

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