Angela Cummins

Personal Development Coach
Visual Coding Displacement Therapist (VCDT)
PSYCH-K® Practitioner

Angela had a high-flying corporate career when she endured a horrible tragedy. Her life fell apart. Despite counseling and amazing support from family & friends, Angela wanted to put her troubles behind her and start again, but couldn’t find the way to do it. Then watching TV one day she stumbled upon the UK psychotherapists, “The Speakmans”.  A few months later she was on her way to the UK to spend some time with them and experience their therapies. Not only did they help her to kick all her woes out of her life, they helped her to start living the life of her dreams. She retrained under The Speakmans so she was able to ‘pay it forward’ leaving the corporate world behind her. Angela’s coaching philosophies and treatments are simple, straight forward and to the point. Issues quickly become non-issues and life takes a turn for the better.

Think of yourself as a computer.

Each night when you shut down you want to make sure the programmes that are dragging your system down and the files that are taking up too much space and no longer needed are deleted so you start each new day having slept well and ready to take on the world!

Clear the Cache & Upgrade your System.

Angela’s combination of coaching, VCDT and PSYCH-K® do just that. Detaching you from emotional experiences, getting rid of any files of self-sabotage, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, phobias, OCDS, guilt, regrets, fears, anger, whatever it is that is stopping you from running at your optimum levels.

Once you have cleared the cache you can then upgrade your system, harness the power of the law of attraction, unblock creativity, embrace self-confidence and make all your dreams come true. With Angela’s guidance, you will find the self confidence and happiness to enjoy life the way you want to and rewire your thinking and beliefs so you can turn your life in the direction of your dreams.

Invest in Yourself. You are your Own Best Asset.


Personal Development Coaching
60 minutes (HK$1,800)

When wanting a positive change in your life, a good coach will help you get there much quicker. They help you to focus, set goals, identify the areas you’d like to change and guide you how to easily make those changes. They help you to confidently step out into the upgraded, successful, confident new you. Whether it’s to do with changing career, relationship woes, financial situations, weight loss, confidence, happiness, or embracing a new change in your life, Angela can help you.

Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT)
60 minutes (HK$1,800)

Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT) is a technique developed by Nik & Eva Speakman to successfully treat phobias, fears, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, blocks, guilt, OCDs, body dysmorphia, addictions (including food addictions) certain allergies and much, much more. VCDT has its roots in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). We say that the eyes are the windows to our souls. NLP and VCDT know this to be true and that our eyes and brain are so much more connected than we ever realised. VCDT uses eye cues to locate a specific ‘programme’ in the brain, associated with particular emotions, memories, issues and thoughts. VCDT then uses a simple technique to change the way you think about those issues. You can turn the volume down so the issue doesn’t bother you as much anymore, or you can turn it off completely. VCDT is non-invasive and does not use any medication and can treat many issues that were thought previously untreatable, allowing you to break free from negative patterns and live the life you deserve.

60 minutes (HK$1,800)

If you desire change, it’s best to make sure every fibre of your being wants the same thing. PSYCH-K® puts every part of you into alignment of what you want.

• It’s a simple and straightforward, yet powerful process to get rid of ingrained negative beliefs that you want to change because they sabotage your success and happiness
• PSYCH-K® transcends visualisation methods, affirmations, willpower and positive thinking
• It’s derived from scientific research in brain dominance theory as well as ancient mind-body wisdom
• It’s a powerful approach to facilitating changes at the subconscious level
• The by-product of PSYCH-K® is changed positive behaviours and stress reduction


Visual Coding Displacement Therapy (VCDT)
“Thank you Angela for a life-changing session. I still find it incredible that you helped me in just one morning with 3 issues – a fear about public speaking, a desire to rid my life of bread and a phobia of cockroaches. There were a few tears, some laughs, some funny noises and a discarded bag of fresh bread rolls in the bin afterwards but I walked away feeling so empowered. Not only did you get rid of my fear of cockroaches – and I have encountered 3 since then with only minimal flinching (we didn’t set out to make me love the things!), you also banished bread from my life, something I have tried to do for so long, always unsuccessfully. I prefer broccoli now but don’t feel like I crave it instead! And to top it all, today I was put on the spot and had to address a group of people without warning so I didn’t have anything prepared and not only was I not scared in the least, I didn’t even blush… WOW! Life-changing indeed.” - Jennifer Forman, Hong Kong

Personal Development Coaching
“I came to see Angela, as I heard she could help with getting over a broken marriage. Although we had been split up for quite a few years, I suppose I never really got over it, and hearing of him getting remarried especially had me thinking about him and our old relationship too much. It only took a few hours with Angela, and I can honestly say that since then I have had no remorse now towards my ex husband. As a result it has made me much more positive about my current relationship. I’m no longer looking back. As soon as my ex enters my head, I feel nothing and dismiss him. I’m left now with just fond memories should I choose to reminisce. Thank you. I’m amazed how quick and effective it was right at the time and also still is months later too. Well worth it for my peace of mind. Thank you so very much again.” - Ms Johns, Hong Kong

Angela is a Visiting Practitioner

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