Dr.Christine Ridal

Neuro Spinal Optimisation Practitioner      

Dr. Christine Ridal is returning to Hong Kong. Dr. Ridal has 20 years experience as a chiropractor and specialises in Energetics, Network Spinal Analysis and Reorganizational Healing.

With Dr. Ridals work you will go beyond your normal life and symptoms and claim a more authentic, vital, energetic and resourceful state of health and well-being.

The amount of energy available to you influences your healing and living. Discover how to access bound and unbound energy to go beyond where you are right now and experience greater health, well-being and awareness.

When your self-organising inborn wisdom is supplied with enough available energy spontaneous structural, behavioural and/ or perceptual change occur. Resulting in a higher order of health, well-being, awareness and resourcefulness.

Reorganise your Life.

Dr. Christine Ridal graduated with a Masters in Chiropractic in 1995. She continues to increase her understanding of the human body, healing and consciousness with numerous postgraduate studies. She established two successful wellness practices in Sydney, Australia and Hong Kong before relocating to New Zealand in 2011. Dr. Ridal continues to research and study. Presently she is undertaking a Masters course, presented by Dr. Donald Epstein, on energetics, consciousness and healing. She is one of only 70 students world wide invited to enroll in this course. Dr. Christine Ridal continues to practice her breakthrough methods in Queenstown, New Zealand. She is passionately dedicated to doing whatever it takes to deliver the most cutting edge, effective and safe wellness care.


Neuro Spinal Optimisation
60 minutes (HK$1,500)

Dr. Christine Ridal will guide you to DISCOVER the deeper meaning within your symptoms, inspiring you to TRANSFORM your behaviour and be more authentic, and encouraging you to AWAKEN to your deeper passion and purpose in life.

Energy is neither created nor destroyed. It just changes form. There is a source of energy that is bound up in your symptoms. Dr. Christine Ridal uses gentle contacts to key areas along the spine, as well as precise exercises and life-style advice, to help you access this bound up energy and use it to re-organise your spine and nervous system. As your spine re-organises your sense of self shifts. You are able to make effortless change and progress. You will find you observe things differently and are able to make different, healthier choices. Your sense of self is re-organised to greater levels of self-worth and you are able to turn pain into progress. Your life re-organises to new levels.

How to have more energy to thrive and live fully.

We live in a world where change is inevitable. And change is happening. What used to work doesn’t appear to work anymore. Look at what’s happening in finance, business, education, relationships, health, diet etc.

It’s time to step up.

When faced with a challenge, crisis, disease or pain one of three things occurs. You are:

1) Energy Poor: You don’t have enough energy to deal with the problem and you break down. You barely have enough energy to get through. Being energy poor leads to auto-immune disease and cancer. When you’re energy poor you use words, such as “I have to/ got to”; “I should/ ought to”.

2) Energy Neutral: You have enough energy to deal with slight change, as long as it’s not too far from the status quo. But there’s not enough energy to deal with big change. If the change is bigger than you can deal with, you go into an energy poor state and experience the situation as a trauma and breakdown or freak out. And you feel drained. When you’re energy neutral, you like stability and for things to stay the same. You try to control your environment to keep things constant, comfortable and balanced, because this is all you have enough energy for. You’re alive, avoiding suffering, so you’re comfortable. However, comfort is the enemy of greatness. When you’re comfortable, you’re not fully living and you’re not thriving. When you’re energy neutral, you use words like “I need/ want to”. This is how most people live.

3) Energy Rich: We have enough energy to embrace instability and change to go beyond; to focus on the solution, make the necessary change and create something new. When you’re energy rich, you see a challenge as an opportunity to go beyond and bring a new order that you’ve never had before. There’s growth and progress. You thrive. You use words like “I choose/ love to”. It’s at the border of stability and instability when you most thrive and live fully.

The amount of available energy determines every aspect of your life. It determines if you suffer, are doing OK, or are great.

What’s your objective? Would you like to re-organise and use life’s challenges as an opportunity to go beyond, thrive and live fully?

Research on the spinal wave, that is unique to Network Spinal Analysis, as practised by Dr. Ridal, shows that signals measured at the neck, mid-back and low-back all line up and respond as one. All parts are acting as one system, which is Coherency or Oneness or Presence. With a coherent state there is more available energy. When there’s incoherency there isn’t enough energy.

With greater coherency and energy richness you can thrive in this every changing world.

Live fully.

Dr.Christine is a Visiting Practitioner

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