Fiona McKeand

Clinical Hypnotherapist
Past Life Regression Therapist

Monday, June 12 - Thursday, June 15

As a fully qualified hypnotherapist, Fiona works primarily with individuals, though she also runs workshops for groups, and helps clients with a range of different conditions including phobias, pain management, smoking cessation, weight management, stress/anxiety, insomnia and irritable bowel syndrome. Fiona is committed to helping clients gain insights and tap into their inner resources to achieve optimum health and fulfillment.

After gaining a detailed understanding of each individual’s circumstances and issues, Fiona helps clients identify appropriate and motivating goals, before guiding them into a relaxing state of focussed awareness. She then uses safe, tried and tested techniques to help the client communicate with their subconscious mind and achieve lasting results. Her approach is compassionate, friendly and informal.

Before training as a hypnotherapist, Fiona was a teacher, working with people of all ages to help them develop the skills and confidence to create a bright future and realise their potential. She brings this vision and wealth of experience to her work as a hypnotherapist.

A member of the General Hypnotherapy Standards Council of the UK and the Hong Kong Guild of Hypnotherapists and Psychotherapists, whose code of ethics she adheres to, Fiona is committed to continuously researching and acquiring new knowledge and skills in order to further support and help her clients.

Additional Professional Training

Certificate in Hypnosis for Anger, Anxiety and Depression – International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (US)
Certificate in Pre and Post Surgery Hypnosis – American Hypnosis Association (US)
Certificate in Hypnosis for Pain Management – Hypnotic Outcomes (UK) accredited by GHR
Certificate in Hypnosis & Irritable Bowel Syndrome – Alabama Hypnotherapy Center (US)
Certificate in Medical Hypnotherapy, Techniques, Methods & Marketing – International Certification Board of Clinical Hypnotherapy (US)
Certificate in Hypnosis and Childbirth – American Hypnosis Association (US)
Certificate in EMDR, EMDR Accelerated, PTSD & Trauma – Warwickshire School of Hypnotherapy (UK), accredited by GHR


Standard session 60-90 minutes (HK$1,800)
Smoking Cessation Programme over 2 sessions (HK$4,000). 1st session 120-150 minutes, 2nd session 60-90 minutes.

A typical hypnotherapy session involves guided relaxation into hypnosis followed by positive suggestions or story-telling and metaphor, from which the highly suggestible subconscious mind picks up meaning and learns to apply new responses. Issues that may be deeply rooted in the client’s past may be addressed through careful regression and analysis.

The client is in complete control, however, because the conscious mind is always present, and can choose to open their eyes and end the trance at any time they wish. Furthermore, it is impossible to ‘get stuck in hypnosis’; in the naturally-occurring state, people either come out of the trance when something demands their conscious attention, or the relaxation deepens until they fall asleep. In a clinically-induced trance, the hypnotherapist will count the client gradually out of the trance so that he or she emerges feeling refreshed, alert and ready to get on with the rest of the day.

Positive change is usually apparent after the first session and, unlike many other ‘talk’ therapies, hypnotherapy can produce lasting results in a short space of time.

A range of different conditions can be addressed with hypnotherapy, including phobias, pain management, smoking cessation, weight management and stress/anxiety.

Past Life Regression
90 minutes (HK$1,800)

What is it and what are the benefits?
- A safe, guided hypnotic journey into one or more past lives in order to assist you with
Releasing physical and emotional trauma brought forward into this life
Understanding and clearing relationship issues, unhelpful behaviour patterns and limiting beliefs
Gaining insight into and then releasing phobias

- Accessing skills and qualities from a previous life

Fiona will guide you through whatever you experience and help you to find your own answers, release patterns, heal and move forward.

Tracing the source of and releasing physical or emotional issues from previous lives that have resulted in blockages and strain in the body in this life is one reason that many people seek past life regression therapy (PLRT). However, just as many people look to PLRT to understand and resolve behaviour and relationship patterns or limiting beliefs that seem to repeat and create obstacles in this life. Again, locating the source and reframing – seeing or experiencing something from a different, more helpful and resourceful perspective, or rewriting the ending of an incident in order to release negative effects - can bring enormous benefits and allow, in a sense, a fresh start.

Issues such as phobic reactions, strong but inexplicable feelings about people and places, guilt or a deep-seated fear of abandonment that do not seem to have a root in the current life may also stem from incidents in a past life and can therefore be healed and released.

Reconnecting to previous lives can remind us of our purpose and enable one to integrate forgotten skills, qualities and resourcefulness into our present life in order to enhance our development. For example, if a client is experiencing a particular difficulty in this life, going back to a past life, in which a similar difficulty was handled successfully, can provide confidence and insight into how to move forward in this current life.

Furthermore, it may be possible to alter contracts or vows made with significant others in past lives that no longer have relevance and yet have been holding us back, and forgiveness of self and others can facilitate progress, unencumbered by this burden, through this life.


“I have tried to quit smoking on a number of occasions using hypnotherapy, and different hypnotherapists, and by far the most effective was Fiona. Her calm manner put me at ease from the outset of the session, particularly as I was going through a stressful period at the time. Her willingness to extend help beyond the session, in terms of advice on extra information and activities, is a further reason why I would unreservedly recommend her to anyone looking for a hypnotherapist.” - Chin, Hong Kong

“I went to Fiona for hypnotherapy to stop smoking. I found her to be extremely knowledgeable about addiction and very supportive throughout the sessions. Her professional and friendly approach put me instantly at ease, which enabled me to get the maximum benefit from the sessions. I thoroughly recommend Fiona to anyone considering giving up smoking. Thank you Fiona.” - Christine, Thailand

Weight Management (Hypnotherapy)
“A thoroughly professional service from beginning to end. We set clear goals, and a choice of approaches was offered in order to achieve them. Back up materials to supplement sessions have enabled me to maintain initial progress. I felt reassured at every stage by Fiona’s calm, persistent support. Thank you so much!” - Gillian, England

Past Life Regression
“When I did my past life regression with Fiona McKeand, it was also my first time going into Hypnosis. Curiosity had got the cat and I wanted to see what this was about…Did I even have any past lives? Would I be Chinese?
Fiona’s voice is amazing, she guides you through a session with her soothing, gentle tone. My regression surprised me…I wasn’t Chinese, my location was in southern Europe and the message I drew from this session, was very poignant for the emotional changes going through my life at the time. A fascinating experience and I would do it again, to see if there was more to learn.” - Chew Yin, Hong Kong

Fiona is a Visiting Practitioner

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