Marsha Roddy

Spiritual Healer

Marsha Roddy MA, BA hons, AOR, ITEC, CPS, is an artist as well as an experienced spiritual healer and reflexologist.

Marsha trained at the College of Physic Studies and Middlesex School of Complementary Medicine in London. She worked for the Immune Development Trust, treating clients with AIDS, Multiple Sclerosis and Lupus. She ran her own practice, Indigo Sanctuary, in LA and London, and she has also worked at the Vibrant Health Practice, Hong Kong before joining The Sanctuary Hong Kong.

As an artist Marsha‘s works explore three-dimensional space, movement, texture and above all how we, as humans, connect and express ourselves. Each of her works is a spiritual practice in itself.

Her enthusiasm and energy have taken her on many adventures around the world. She has designed sets and costumes for the stage, film and television, worked on architectural projects and created pieces of performance art. She currently has work showing at the YY9 gallery and was part of this year’s Fotan Open Studio’s.

Marsha has taught on MA and BA Art and Design courses in Universities and Art schools in the UK and Hong Kong.


“I have had the pleasure to experience Marsha’s Hot Stone Healing numerous times. I just keep going back for more. It is a magical journey that reaches you on so so many levels. This is one of my most valuable healing treatments. Just try it. It will exceed your expectations and beyond.” - Nicola Clark

“Marsha’s offering was multi-faceted: warmth from the stones relaxed my tight lower back, essential oils heightened my senses and hot stones on my feet calmed my mind. The reflexology combined with the aromatherapy allowed space for a deep and restorative period which left me refreshed, revitalized and lighter. A great way to quieten the inner chatter, and gain clarity on the things that really matter.” - JM

“‘Healing is personal, with Marsha I felt safe, trusted and stimulated…through her magic energy, I gave one deep breath and all the noise became silent!...” - Shadow

“I expected my session with Marsha Roddy to be relaxing since she uses hot stones and does reflexology what I did not expect was the blast of soothing bliss I felt from her method of energetic healing. As one who has studied universal energies myself I can attest to Marsha being the real McCoy as it were when it comes to her understanding of transferring spiritual healing – simply wonderful.” - Therese Bell

“Marsha has been treating me for over 6 years now and I wouldn’t go anywhere else - she is simply amazing! One of a kind, her magic hands and intuition provide a completely transformative treatment, which will leave you totally relaxed and renewed every time, I cannot recommend her enough.” - Jonine

Marsha is a Resident Practitioner

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