Sujal Mahbubani

Millennium Method™ Practitioner

Sujal was born and raised in India, where holistic and Ayurvedic treatments were a way of life.

She used Chinese acupuncture/ TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) when she came to Hong Kong in 1988. Always a believer in alternative energy medicine, she refused surgery on her hips for an injury that was caused by an accident. In addition, she became a Hatha and Kundalini yoga teacher and studied breathing practices that reversed her thyroid condition without medication.

Her self-awareness journey in the mind/body/soul connection drew her into energy medicine and alternative practices. She also received practitioner diplomas for EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques), CBT (Certified Body Talk), Yuen Method and Millennium Method™. She fully embraces the Millennium Method™ and the ease with which people can achieve emotional, mental and physical well-being through Millennium Method, Yuen Method and intuitive medicine.

Her goal in life since her injury has always been to bring ease, comfort and joy to everyone.

“We all came to this planet to work out our own experiences, but helping others achieve their potential in our journey through life is a mind-body-soul connection. Life does not have to be a struggle since we are spiritual beings having a human experience.”


“I recently did a Millinieum Method™/Yuen session with Sujal, as I was going through some emotional stress. Sujal connected with my energies and was accurate with her readings as the cards opened up one by one. She intuitively corrected me and helped me as well to get clarity on the issues bothering me. She corrected my energies during the session. I can see the difference in myself in the past few weeks and am able to identify and address the issues better. The cleansing energies generated during the session with Sujal have been greatly beneficial to me. I can’t thank Sujal enough for her help. She is very intuitive and one can feel the empowering positive energy she gives out when you are around her. I would highly recommend her for spiritual healing.” - UC, Hong Kong

“My issues ranged from migraine to anxiety to strained mother daughter (teen) relationship, to name just a few. As the session began, I started opening my heart out and confiding in Sujal with complete ease and absolute comfort. I was very relaxed and all the time she gave the impression that we were having a very normal heart to heart conversation between two friends. One thing I liked about her session was her friendly, trusting and empathetic approach to all my issues. Overall I found the experience to be extremely cathartic. I was able to confide my fears and weaknesses without any inhibitions. At the end of the session I was already feeling lighter emotionally. In the weeks following the session, the overall atmosphere in the house became happier and more positive. My migraines were less intense. My daughter started to share her feelings with both of us like before. She was willing to seek help from us and I could see her becoming more responsible. So the things were slowly getting back to normal. Would definitely recommend it to people as I found the session to be extremely positive, relaxing and stimulating.” - Simita, Hong Kong

“I went to Sujal for a (Millennium Method™) Session for my daughter who was due to depart for camp and was experiencing much anxiety about being away in the wilderness and “roughing it” for a whole week. Sujal did a complete reading, dealing with my daughter’s issues and triggers of being away from home and all the fears and phobias associated with the experience, as well as easing her worries and concerns about certain situations she may come across during that week. My daughter came back after a week with nothing but positive feedback and a wholesome experience and went so far as to compliment all the teachers and instructors for “an awesome week of adventure” and in making the “dreaded” week an event never to be forgotten and to be remembered fondly. I think this is a credit to Sujal and her sessions and it greatly helped enhance my daughter’s camping experience.” - Nisha, Hong Kong

Sujal is a Resident Practitioner

Sujal offers the following services:

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