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Heart Centre Induction & Healing with Tuning Forks with Katherine Wong (in Cantonese)

Our heart rests in the middle of our body and unites top and bottom, left and right. This is the heart charka and centre of all centres. The heart centre carries not only nurturing, loving and caring energy but also the bigger love of humanity and life as a whole. We use our hands to assess our own heart centre and experience the transcendent nature of the Heart Centre. We connect deeply to the four attributes - Compassion, Innate Harmony, Healing Presence, Unconditional Love.

The Heart Centre healing energy intensely accelerates in the group and transcends your being from “me” to “us”. With appreciation and a genuine heart, the positive energy we send out, we receive back from other people.

We will also experience the sound and vibration of the following tuning forks in this group session:
- The vibration of “Love”- for the frequency of Love with the 528Hz Fork
- The vibration of “OM” - for grounding and harmonizing with the OM 138.1Hz Tuner
- The vibration of “F” (Fa) - for the tuning of the Heart Centre with the F 341-3Hz (one of the eight forks in the Harmonic set)

What to expect from this group session
The group session will be limited to a maximum of 8 participants. No late-comers will be admitted to the session. Bring a pen and a small notebook to the session.

We quiet ourselves and let go of our busy-ness. A simple ritual will be performed to open ourselves to the attributes of the Heart Centre - Compassion, Innate Harmony, Healing Presence and Unconditional Love. The four attributes unite our beings and we come to the fifth attribute of the Heart Centre in the group - Selfless Service. We start to feel the gentle heat from our Heart Centre like a radiating ball of light. This is the healing energy activated and connected to the infinite source of divine energy. Then we offer our hands to the person next to us. We feel the golden ring of light in the group with a light, gentle touch. We experience to receive and give the Heart Centre energy at the same time. Practice the art as giver and receiver through the sacred touch. We then put our hands back on our own body and give the necessary healing to ourselves. Katherine will induct your heart centre with the four attributes, tuning forks will be placed directly (touching on the skin) and/or indirectly (not touching on the skin) during the group session.

You will then come back to your own Heart Centre. Katherine will guide you to connect and dissolve into the four attributes. This time, you may want to ask for what you need to know in this moment of your life. You open yourself to receive the key - the key to wisdom and larger understanding about life. You start to see the deeper meaning about all things. We will then finish the group session with a simple closing ritual to release the attributes. We go back to our day to day life with insights and understanding about the deeper mystery of life.

Heart Centre Induction & Healing Group Session with Tuning Forks
Price: $300
Date: Every other Tuesday (Starts June 27)
Time: 7.15pm-8.45pm

Heart Centre healing and the four attributes were developed by W. Brugh Joy M.D.  (1939-2009, healer, teacher and book writer). For his life and his work, please read his books Joy’s Way, A Map for the Transformational Journey: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies and Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light. Please also refer to Katherine Wong’s profile about her journey with him and other teachers.

About Katherine Wong:
Katherine started her spiritual journey in 2002. She travels the world to learn from different masters and has developed her unique practice fusing Eastern philosophies and Western methodologies, including Heart Centre Induction and Healing, Tuning Fork Therapy, Dreamwork, Taoist Meditation and other creative work.

小組心中心啟動及治癒(輔以音叉) 廣東話班
我們的心團結並統一了高低和左右, 這是心輪也是所有中心的中心。心中心提供的, 不僅是個人的培育,愛和關懷; 心中心給予我們的, 更是對人類與生命更高更大的愛。 把手輕放在我們心輪的位置,我們體驗到心中心的超然。敞開自己並融入心中心的四個屬性- 慈悲,天性的和諧,治癒的力量和無條件的愛。心中心治癒能量會在小組中變得強大, 擴大並超越自身的存在。這是團結我們和紀念心中心的奥秘。您從心而發的欣賞和愛,也會回到你身邊。

-F的頻率-由F341.3Hz心輪音叉發出,是一套8枝harmonic set 的其中一枝

小組治癒最多8人參加。請準時 。請帶筆和筆記本。
我們安靜下來。Katherine運用簡單的儀式引領您打開並連結心中心的四個屬性-慈悲,天性的和諧,治癒的力量和無條件的愛。這四個屬性團結我們進入小組的第五屬性- 無私的奉獻。我們感到手和心慢慢地變成溫熱, 如同一個輕盈發亮的小光球, 心中心治癒的能量啟動並連接到神聖能量本源。然後,我們徐徐與旁邊的同學連結並感受這個金色的光環圍繞著我們。過程中我們體會到同時接收和給予心中心治癒能量。我們接着把手放在我們自己身體上,並給予自己心中心治癒能量。通過這個神聖的過程, 您練習同時成為接收和給予者。Katherine 會幫助打開同學的心中心的四個屬性,音叉也會直接或∕和間接放在身體,音叉也許會遊走在身體周圍。

回到自己的心中心,Katherine會引領您再次連結心中心的四個屬性。這個時候,你可能會問—“在我的生活中, 要知道的是什麼。” 您全然打開並接收這把鑰匙—這是通往智慧及了解生命之匙。您開始看到事情更深層的意義。我們以簡單的儀式釋放四個屬性並慢慢回到我們的日常生活中。

小組心中心啟動及治癒(輔以音叉) 廣東話班 - 7.15pm-8.45pm

心中心治愈和四個屬性是由W. Brugh Joy M.D. (1939至2009年, 治療師, 老師和作家)所開發。對於他的生平和工作,請閱讀他的書籍 - Joy’s Way, A Map for the Transformational Journey: An Introduction to the Potentials for Healing with Body Energies and Avalanche: Heretical Reflections on the Dark and the Light. 關於Katherine Wong與Brugh及其他老師的學習及旅程, 請參閱她的個人資料。


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