Top 5 Meditation Tips

At The Sanctuary we are often asked about the best ways to get started and these are our 5 top tips.

1. Pick a time to meditate and stick to it.
Even with the best intentions we can forget to meditate if we do not make a firm commitment to ourselves. By sticking to the same time everyday it will soon create a habit, so that you are less likely to forget. Generally we recommend, first thing in the morning. We tend to be a little more relaxed and receptive at this point and it’s a great way to start the day.

2. Start slowly and increase your time as you get used to meditating.
Sometimes people try to do too much too soon, find it too difficult or demanding and quit. Start at 5 minutes and increase slowly as time goes by.

3. Do not try to empty your mind.
It is far easier to become an observer of thoughts passing through the mind than it is to stop them completely. As we continue to develop as an observer, the thoughts take less of a dominant role and we can enter much greater states of peace.

4. Find a group or class in your area.
Then you can share your experiences or get more tips on your meditation techniques. 

5. Try a guided meditation.
If you are finding it difficult at first to just sit by yourself, try a guided meditation. If you would like a simple guided meditation to listen to, just contact us and we will be happy to assist you.

We hope you found our 5 top tips useful.

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